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Looking for an intervention for your students?  The Intervention Tools Chart is designed to be used by educators as a resource to locate interventions, instructional practices, and learning strategies that can be used within an RtI process.  Please note:  the listing of specific tools is not meant as an endorsement by the NYS RtI MS DP or the NYSED.  Rather, it is up to the consumer to research selected tools for evidence of effectiveness.  The chart contains three types of tools that are either free or available for purchase:  commercial programs, instructional practices, and learning strategies.


Math to Mastery

Instructional Practice
Number Sense, Operations, Algebra
Tier III

Math to Mastery is a teacher-directed instructional practice in which students are individually administering the intervention in an attempt to master particular skills/math problems.

Recorded Problems

Instructional Practice
Operations, Algebra

Teacher-mediated instructional practice to that uses prerecorded audio prompts.

Saxon Math

Commercial Program
Number Sense, Counting & Cardinality, Operations, Decimals, Fractions, Place Value, Measurement & Data, Algebra, Geometry, Problem Solving, Statistics

Saxon Math is a curriculum for students in grades K–12. In this program, students practice concepts on a daily basis.  New concepts are developed, reviewed, and practiced cumulatively rather than in discrete chapters or units. 

Saxon® Algebra I

Commercial Program, Learning Strategy
Tier I

Saxon Math Algebra 1 is a core curriculum  that uses an incremental approach to instruction and assessment. This approach is designed to limit the amount of new math content delivered to students each day, allowing time for daily practice. New concepts are introduced gradually and integrated with previously introduced content. Concepts are developed, reviewed, and practiced over time rather than being taught in chapters.

Transition Mathematics

Commercial Program
Operations, Decimals, Measurement & Data, Algebra, Geometry, Problem Solving
Tier I,II

Transition Mathematics is a one-year mathematics curriculum focusing on applied arithmetic, pre-algebra, and pre-geometry skills. It also addresses word problems, types of numbers, contexts for problems and aims to promote mathematical reading skills.

Algebra, Geometry, Problem Solving

University of Chicago School Mathematics Project (UCSMP) is a core mathematics curriculum.  The curriculum has a focus on problem solving, real-world applications, and the use of technology. The curriculum has a student-centered approach with a focus on active learning that incorporates reading and uses a flexible lesson organization.

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