Saxon® Algebra I

Commercial Program, Learning Strategy
Tier I

Saxon Math Algebra 1 is a core curriculum  that uses an incremental approach to instruction and assessment. This approach is designed to limit the amount of new math content delivered to students each day, allowing time for daily practice. New concepts are introduced gradually and integrated with previously introduced content. Concepts are developed, reviewed, and practiced over time rather than being taught in chapters.


Saxon Algebra I consists of at least 120 daily lessons and 12 activity-based investigations for each subject and grade level.

Each lesson has three components: learning a new mathematical concept, working on practice problems relating to that concept, and solving a number of problems that include the current and previous material.

A relatively small set of new math ideas is introduced daily using examples, mathematical conversations, and practice, so new ideas/concepts are integrated with previously introduced.

The lessons include written practice that aims to help students both master new skills and maintain their mastery of concepts previously instructed.

Students complete written, cumulative assessments after every five lessons. The results of these assessments provide teachers with data for instructional decision making and provide feedback for students and parents. In addition to these written assessments, students may demonstrate mastery of math content through alternate interactive opportunities, such as investigations, test-day activities, and performance tasks.


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