What is RtI?

Response to Intervention or RtI can be defined as a school-wide, multi-tiered prevention framework that provides supplemental, needs-specific intervention to students with learning problems, most notably in the area of reading.   Key components of an RtI framework involve: (1) data driven assessment and problem-solving and tiered supports.  Data driven assessment and problem-solving occur at all levels of the framework and includes universal screening to determine risk status and progress monitoring to determine student response to supplemental intervention.  Tiered support or intervention increases in intensity based on student needs and progress.   RtI operates within a collaborative context that includes educators and families working together to promote academic student success.  For a comprehensive definition of RtI, its components, and NYS regulations click here.

The NYS RTI TAC is now the NYS RTI MS DP

Posted 2 weeks ago

Effective January 1, 2019, the New York State Response to Intervention Technical Assistance Center (NYS RtI TAC) will no longer be operated by SUNY Buffalo State through a collaborative agreement with the New York State Education Department (NYSED).

NYSED is providing continued funding for SUNY Buffalo State to operate the NYSED RtI Middle School Demonstration Project (NYS RtI MS DP). This website will be maintained by SUNY Buffalo State, but its contents and design may undergo changes reflective of the shift in focus to the NYSED RtI Middle School Demonstration Project. General questions on RtI may be sent to NYSED’s Office of Special Education at: speced@nysed.gov.

STRAND #23: Using Universal Design for Learning to Support Tier One Instruction

Posted 3 months ago

STRAND #23: Using Universal Design for Learning to Support Tier One Instruction with Melissa Sanjeh, Susan Shipiro, Bill Wilmot

Visible Learning for Literacy Within an Response to Intervention Model

Posted 4 months ago

Visible Learning for Literacy Within a Response to Intervention Model with Dr. Doug Fisher

Melissa Sanjeh, Susan Shapiro, Bill Wilmot | October 29, 4:15 pm-December 10, 2018 5:30 pm
Dr. Katherine Stahl | September 20-October 25, 2018
Dr. Douglas Fisher | October 16-October 24, 2018

Program Description: “All students deserve a great teacher, not by chance, but by design.” John Hattie’s research on learning and achievement has transformed education. This workshop applies Dr. Hattie’s research to K -12 literacy instruction within the context of a tiered intervention model. Educators will come away with a deeper understanding of how they can use evidence-based research to maximize their impact on student learning across the tiers.

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