Using Collaborative Strategic Reading to Improve Academic Literacy in Tier 1 Content-Area Instruction - Webinar

Dr. Alison Boardman | November 10, 4 pm-November 17, 2016 5 pm

Program Description: The Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) emphasize the need for content area teachers to address the literacy needs of ALL students and provide instruction that supports student engagement and discussion of complex text and understanding of academic vocabulary. This 2-day + one webinar session PD event is designed to provide intermediate, middle, and secondary teachers an opportunity to learn and infuse specific reading strategies within core instruction in the content areas.

Day One presents a comprehensive overview of Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR), a research-validated instructional model designed to improve reading comprehension and content learning in general education and intervention settings in grades 4-12.

On Day 2, participants learn how to fine tune strategy use, to incorporate cooperative learning into text-based discussions, and to lesson plan using CSR strategies and discipline-specific content and materials.

A one hour, follow-up webinar is designed to further support successful implementation of CSR in content-area instruction. CSR can be used to differentiate core instruction in content area classrooms or as an intervention at Tier 2 or 3 of an RtI model. Participants will be given access to materials needed to implement CSR.


About the Presenter: Dr. Alison Boardman is an assistant research professor in the School of Education at the University of Colorado Boulder where she teachers courses on differentiating instruction and conducts research to improve students’ reading comprehension and English language proficiency in general education settings.


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