RTI/MTSS Part II: Data-based Decision Making & Instruction/Intervention Implementation (BUFFALO)

Western Region
Dr. George Batsche | May 23, 2017, 8:30 am-3 pm

Registration begins at 8:30/ Program begins at 9:00

Program Description:
Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) is a school-wide, data-drive prevention model designed to maximize the impact of academic and behavioral instruction and intervention on student outcomes. Key components of an RtI/MTSS framework include data-based decision making and tiered instruction. This all-day PD session is a continuation of an initial training on RtI/MTSS presented in 2016 and will address: 1) the use of data to evaluate the impact of instruction and interventions across tiers, different demographic groups, and for the school as a whole; and (2) the use of a problem-solving process to develop implement, and evaluate instruction/intervention.

A case study approach will emphasize fidelity to instruction/intervention, sufficiency (amount of time), and the supports needed to implement interventions successfully. This PD event will focus on how to use data for the following purposes:
• How to set instruction/intervention goals for students.
• How to evaluate the effectiveness of instruction and intervention at each of the three tiers as well as for specially designed or special education instruction.
• How to determine if a school is a “healthy” place for its students.
• How to use data in a problem-solving process (across Tiers, 1, 2, & 3, to determine appropriate instruction and intervention.

Note- you do not need to have attended the first session to attend this one.  You can view the strand 16 archived webinars to get a sense of what was covered in the first session. Links to the five webinars in the series can be found at the bottom of this page.

Who Should Attend:
It is highly advisable that participants attend this session as a team. Teams may include the following school personnel:
• General and special educators
• RtI/MTSS core team members
• Intervention specialists
• School support staff
• School psychologists
• Principals and central office administrators

Workshop is free of charge - lunch is on your own
Arrangements have been made for participants to preorder and prepay (cash only) for lunch at the hotel restaurant.

About the Presenter: 
Dr. George Batsche is Professor and Co-Director of the Institute for School Reform at the University of South Florida. He is Co-Director of the Florida Statewide Problem-Solving/RtI Project for the Florida Department of Education (DOE). In addition, Dr. Batsche co-directs the Student Support Services, Shared Services Network and Coordinated Student Health Projects for the Florida Department of Education. In the past 15 years, Dr. Batsche has received grants from the U.S. DOE, Florida DOE and private foundations. His work has focused on systems of implementing academic and behavior interventions for at-risk students. Dr. Batsche is co-author of the book, Response to Intervention: Policy Considerations and Implementation (2005), “Response to Intervention: Competing Views” in the journal, Assessment for Effective Intervention (2006), and “Statewide Implementation of Problem-Solving/Response to Intervention: The Florida Initiative” in the book, The Handbook of Response to Intervention: The Science and Practice of Assessment and Intervention (2007).

CANCELLATION POLICY Please be considerate and cancel your registration if you are unable to attend. We anticipate that the demand for this event will exceed capacity. Failure to cancel registration may compromise registration for future NYS RtI TAC-sponsored events.

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Buffalo Marriott Niagara
1340 Millersport Highway
Amherst, New York 14221


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