Response to Intervention and English Language Learners: Instructional & Assessment Considerations

Phyllis Robertson, Ph.D. - A Clinical Associate Professor at The University of Texas at Austin who has over 20 years experience exploring the relationship between culture, language and disability. | December 7, 2009, 8:30 am-3 pm

RtI models that involve English Language Learners require a comprehensive, collaborative approach in which educators have a common understanding of second language acquisition, cultural influences on teaching and learning, and effective instructional practices.  This all day workshop provides a brief overview of RtI and focuses on the relevant instructional and assessment factors schools need to consider when implementing the RtI process with English Language Learners.  Participants will explore the essential features of RtI models with a focus on quality core instruction to ELLs, using data to identify struggling students, factors to consider when selecting "research-based interventions," aligning interventions with linguistic and cultural characteristics, the role of the problem-solving team, and evaluating student response.

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