MS447 Math & Science Exploratory School

NYC Geographic District 15

MS447 Math & Science Exploratory is an urban public school, providing educational services to children in grades 6-8 in Brooklyn, New York City’s most populated borough.  The school is part of New York City’s Geographic District 15, and falls within King’s County. MS447 Math & Science Exploratory is located near Prospect Park and is a short distance from the Brooklyn Bridge.

Principal: Arin Rusch

RTI Coordinator: Emily Phillips

School Demographics (2015-2016)
There were 525 students enrolled at MS447 during the 2015-2016 school year.  The student body is predominately white (52%), Hispanic or Latino (20%), or Black or African American (17%).  17% of the school’s population are considered economically disadvantaged and 20% receive special education services.  The average class size at MS447 is 30 students.  Other demographic information available on the NYS Report Card

RTI Leadership Team

  • Arin Rusch | Building Principal
  • Emily Phillips | RTI Coordinator
  • Allison Pariani | General Educator
  • Amanda Landwehr | Speech Language Pathologist
  • Dave Grosshandler | General Educator
  • Janet Wong | Special Educator
  • Jessica Saunders | 
  • Leslie Hughes | General Educator
  • Liza Zaretsky | Special Educator
  • Tiffane Shedwell | Special Educator
  • Star Corvinelli | Guidance Counselor

RTI/MTSS Mission/Purpose Statement
The purpose of the RtI process at our middle school is to provide the targeted support that students need to grow academically.


  1. Infrastructure exists to support data collection and analysis: By 2020, PLC activities are work product and data-driven. The PLCs will take take the form of twice monthly grade-level department meetings dedicated to inquiry cycles that analyze baseline data and progress-monitoring data in service to data-driven instruction/intervention, using an established protocol.
  2. By spring of 2020, we have identified or created a suite of assessments to administer to target students to diagnosis specific learning goals and to inform intervention.
  3. By 2020, staff and faculty are knowledgeable about evidence-based interventions and can deliver interventions matched to the data-defined student need.
  4. Progress monitoring assessments will be utilized regularly by spring of 2020.
  5. By 2020, there will be a reduction of at-risk students, as measured by universal screeners in each grade level cohort.

RTI/MTSS Abbreviated Self-Assessment Survey Results

Annual Action Plan

MS447 Math & Science Exploratory School
345 Dean Street
Brooklyn, New York 11217


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