George Fischer Middle School

Carmel Central School District

George Fischer Middle is a public school located in Carmel, a suburban area of Putnam County, nestled in the Hudson Valley along the eastern border of New York State. The middle school serves children in grades 5-8 as part of the Carmel Central School District. 

Principal: John Piscitella

RTI Coordinator: Christopher Barrie

School Demographics (2015-2016)
A total of 1,345 students were enrolled at George Fischer Middle in the 2015-2016 school year.  The student body is predominately White (70%) and Hispanic or Latino (22%).  The population of students considered economically disadvantaged is 25%, and 17% of the student body receives special education services.  Additionally, 2% of George Fischer’s population are considered English Language Learners.  The average class size at George Fischer Middle is 21 students. Other demographic information is available on the NYS Report Card

RTI Leadership Team

  • John Piscitella | Building Principal
  • Christopher Barrie | Assistant Principal
  • Dawn Gorlitsky | School Psychologist
  • Mary Hausler | General Education teacher
  • Vineetha Joy | Central Office Administrator
  • Cathy Mahon | Special Ed Dept. Chair
  • JoAnn Monroe | General Education teacher
  • Denise Santalis | Reading teacher
  • Lisa Steiner | General Education teacher
  • Keith Tucci | General Education teacher
  • Mark Tucci | Guidance Counselor
  • Janet Warden | Central Office Admin

RTI/MTSS Mission/Purpose Statement
George Fischer recognizes that middle school children come to us in many different stages of social, emotional, and academic development. Therefore, we aim to identify the strengths and needs of individual students and provide multi-tiered instruction and interventions to ensure their success and happiness.


  • All staff understand MTSS process and are clear about what supports are available. Staff understand each tier.  
  • All staff are invested in the individual growth of students.
  • Multiple data  points are used for continuous progress monitoring of students and proper placement. (attendance, academic, discipline).
  • Programs are based on students' individual needs.  
  • Create a data team to meet periodically and to facilitate data discussion protocols at each grade level.
  • Skilled RTI team provides continued support for tier one and tier two in the classroom.

RTI/MTSS Abbreviated Readiness Survey Results

Annual Action Plan

George Fischer Middle School
281 Fair Street
Carmel, New York 10512


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