East Moriches Middle School

East Moriches Union Free Middle School

East Moriches Middle, a suburban public school, serves students in grades 5-8 in the East Moriches Union Free School District.  The middle school is located in the hamlet of East Moriches, a suburban area of Suffolk County in the town of Brookhaven, New York on Long Island. 

Principal: Michael Carlson

RTI Coordinator: Kristina Funaro

School Demographics (2015-2016)
During the 2015-2016 school year, 360 students were enrolled at East Moriches.  The student body is predominately White (84%). In East Moriches Middle School, 12% of the student population are considered economically disadvantaged and 13% receive special education services. A small number of the student population are considered English Language Learners (2%).  The average class size at East Moriches Middle is 23 students. Other demographic information is available on the NYS Report Card

RTI Leadership Team

  • Mike Carlson | Building Principal
  • Kristina Funaro, Muriel Rountos  | RTI Coordinator
  • Andrew Plastrik | Speech Language Pathologist
  • Charles Russo
  • Emily Eich | Assistant Principal/Curriculum Coordinator
  • Michelle Pepey
  • Renee Emin | School Psychologist
  • Sally Lourenco | Gen. Educator (5)
  • Katy Graham | Gen. Educator - Math (7/8)
  • Sheryl Walz | Gen. Educator - (7/8)
  • Trish Costanzo | Guidance Counselor
  • Eneida Mirra | Gen. Educator - Art (5-8)
  • Sara Hempson | Gen. Educator (5)

RTI/MTSS Purpose Statement
The purpose of the RtI process at our middle school is to be able to create a shared understanding among teachers, students, and parents in order to create measureable goals, to assist students in reaching their unique academic potential.

We will know we have succeeded when the Middle School RTI Program creates a multi-tiered support system that fosters student desire and motivation in achieving their individual goals (literacy, mathematics, and social/emotional), with 100% success, shown through data collection using researched-based interventions, regular benchmarking, and consistent (shared) progress monitoring.

Specific Student Achievement Goals:

  • Eighty five percent of all students will achieve Tier 1 status (as determined by AIMSWEB National Norms - 45th Percentile) on rCBM, MAZE, MCOMP, and MCAP benchmark assessments.
  • Students at or below the 45th percentile will achieve 75th percentile rate of improvement (ROI) of Average Growth based on AIMSWEB Growth Norms Table (Fall to Spring) for the rCBM benchmark.
  • A 15% increase in NYS assessment passing rates in the areas of ELA and Mathematics.
  • A 15% increase in Mastery levels in Algebra and Earth Science on the NYS Regents Exams

Specific Student Motivation, Behavior and Engagement Goals:

  • At-risk students identified based on discipline incidents, absences, and lack of engagement (inconsistent HW, low participation in class and events, etc...) show improvement in each area and self assessments and goal tracking forms.
  • Decreased disruptive incidents to classroom instruction based on team created Teacher Behavior Report Cards (Non-Negotiables).

Specific Programatic Goals:

  • Needs Based Instruction periods will be created in which faculty and staff utilize consistent research-based interventions to increase literacy and mathematic skills of students at various levels as evident through classroom observations and prescribed interventions during initial student referral and follow-up meetings.
  • Shared understanding of the 3 RtI Tiers, the use of data and making data-driven decisions, and the benefits of a utilizing research based interventions within a multi-tiered support system as evident in a comparison of initial survey and follow-up survey data of faculty, students, and parents, and classroom observations.

RTI/MTSS Abbreviated Self-Assessment Survey Results

Annual Action Plan

East Moriches Middle School
9 Adelaide Avenue
East Moriches, New York 11940-1370


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