World of Words

Commercial Program
Comprehension, Vocabulary


Target Student

Students in need of skill development in the areas of vocabulary and comprehension


World of Words is a shared book reading program that builds on word knowledge and comprehension skills. The program utilizes fiction and nonfiction book titles to aid children in understanding key concepts and conceptual big ideas, and improving vocabulary.


Each grade-specific set includes five texts representing rhyming and repetitive fiction, narrative, and informational titles. The titles are supplemented by a curriculum guide with daily lesson plans, picture cards with vocabulary and challenge words, and an 18" x 24" big ideas poster.


Each text set builds to the next in sequence. This sequencing was designed to help children gain critical background knowledge and easily engage with complex concepts in future grade levels.


Every World of Words lesson is structured around big ideas and key concepts that help learners of all types understand the material and enhance differentiation.  The program includes daily lesson plans and resources.  Included are resources that help implement a Talk Together, Read Together, Reflect Together framework.


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