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Phonemic Awareness, Phonics & Decoding


Target Student

This program is designed for developing or struggling readers with difficulties with sight words and in phonological awareness and phonics skills.


The SIPPS program is a systematic decoding program that helps developing and struggling readers. Teachers at all grade levels can provide instruction based on student need, as determined by the SIPPS placement test.  Additionally, it makes use of grade-appropriate materials.


There are three levels in the SIPPS program—Beginning and Extension Levels for grades K–3 and Challenge Level for grades 2–12. The content of Beginning and Extension Levels is covered by SIPPS Plus for grades 4–12.


When used as a developmental reading program, SIPPS is intended for kindergarteners through fourth-graders. As an intervention program, it can be used in grades 1–12.


This program contains placement and assessment tests and tools to ensure instruction begins at the appropriate level.  SIPPS also makes use of English language development strategies to support English language learners.  Additionally, there is a digital card app that can be utilized during instruction.  A learning hub contains animated routines and instructional video clips.


SIPPS for K–3 includes Beginning, Extension, and Challenge Levels. In K–3, SIPPS can serve as either an initial decoding program or an intervention for students who are struggling with reading. SIPPS Beginning Level is developmentally appropriate for kindergarteners and first-graders starting as nonreaders and moving through the first developmental level of reading.


SIPPS for 4–12 includes SIPPS Plus and Challenge Level. SIPPS Plus delivers the instructional content of Beginning and Extension Levels while using reading materials of interest to older students.

Research Summary

CAUTION: The following summary was prepared by the program developers and may contain bias

SIPPS Research Summary 

Available Training

Embedded professional development is available in both the print and digital teacher’s manual.

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