Commercial Program
Comprehension, Oral Reading Fluency, Phonics & Decoding, Vocabulary
Target Student

Students who struggle with reading


RAVE-O instruction is built on the exploration of core words—the sounds, word parts, meanings, connections—and how they function in text. The main premise of the program is that the more students know about a word, the more quickly they can read and understand it.


RAVE-O builds fluency across several literacy domains. The RAVE-O approach teaches students to read with speed and accuracy, but to also call upon background knowledge and word meanings to quickly understand a word in context.


The goal of RAVE-O is for students not only to understand what they read, but to interact with and analyze text. Students build their own thoughts, opinions, and new knowledge in response to what they read. Students read Minute Story Anthologies—collections of imaginative stories with engaging illustrations. In exploring the richness of language in the context of connected text, students achieve fluent comprehension.


Wolf, M., Miller, L., & Donnelly, K. (2000). Retrieval, Automaticity, Vocabulary Elaboration, Orthography (RAVE-O): A comprehensive, fluency-based reading intervention program. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 33(4), 375-386.

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In person and online training available

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