Phrase Drill Procedure

Instructional Practice
Oral Reading Fluency
Tier III

reading passage

Target Student

Students who struggle with reading fluently.


Phrase Drill Procedure allows students to practice misread words in order to increase their reading fluency.


The use of the Phase Drill Procedure is a type of instructional practice activity. Instructional Practices are teaching interactions that guide interactions in the classroom.

How To

Select a reading passage that students can read with 85-95% accuracy. Instruct the student to read the passage. Have a copy of the passage for the teacher to use.

On your own copy, highlight any words that are read incorrectly.

Point to a highlighted word and read it to the student.

Instruct the student to read each highlighted word aloud. Repeat this procedure for each highlighted word.

Instruct the student to read the sentences with any highlighted words three times aloud. If a sentence contains more than one highlighted word, the student should read each in isolation first, before reading the sentence aloud three times.

After this activity, monitor progress with an oral reading fluency probe.


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