Commercial Program
Phonics & Decoding
Target Student

Beginning or struggling readers, English language learners, students with hearing deficits, students with autism spectrum disorder


PhonicsQ is visual system of picture cues in three different formats. It is designed to help students link the phonemes of oral language and the graphemes of written language to decode, encode and pronounce new words. This system provides a single picture as a cueing device for a particular sound (i.e. oo, ow). The PhonicsQ system can be used to supplement/support any reading programs and approaches.


In the PhonicsQ system, sound is emphasized, not letter names or text.  PhonicsQ uses a numbering system that indicates the frequency of sounds as they attach to a particular grapheme.


The PhonicsQ system includes picture cue cards in a variety of formats (wall display cards, posters, playing cards), a pronunciation CD, and student cueing sheets.


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