Phonics for Reading

Commercial Program
Comprehension, Oral Reading Fluency, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics & Decoding

45-50 mins

Target Student

Students who struggle with reading comprehension due to weak phonemic awareness and decoding skills.


Phonics for Reading is a supplementary program designed to aid students in building phonemic awareness, decoding, and fluency skills to strengthen reading comprehension. The program is systematic and utilizes explicit instruction.


Phonics for Reading has three levels and contains placement tests that can be used for program entry or to measure growth at the end of the year.  Level I of Phonics for Reading contains 30 teacher directed lessons with a focus on short vowels, consonants, consonant blends, and digraphs.  Level II contains 32 teacher- directed lessons and progresses with vowel combinations, r-controlled vowel sounds, common endings, and CVCe words.  Level III contains 36 teacher directed lessons and expands concepts with vowel/letter combinations, common prefixes and suffixes, minor consonant sounds for c and g, and minor vowel sound combinations.  Levels II and III have fluency-building activities and directions for assessing fluency.  Each level of Phonics for Reading has ten activities that can be used to formally measure growth through the program.

Research Summary

CAUTION: The following summary was prepared by the program developers and may contain bias

Research Summary

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