Commercial Program
Oral Reading Fluency, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics & Decoding, Vocabulary


Target Student

Students reading two or more years below grade level


LANGUAGE! Live is a comprehensive literacy program that combines teacher-directed learning with personalized, adaptive online instruction. The program has age-appropriate learning tools and a content focus on foundational skills - phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, spelling, word use, and sentence structure. The program has strategic entry and exit points to aid students in beginning the program at a place that best suits their needs. Instructional modifications and tools for English language learners are provided.


LANGUAGE! Live employs adaptive technology to meet students’ learning needs.  It also has embedded motivational enhancements such as social media, gamification, and online peer collaboration.

Word training is delivered online in a personalized learning environment.  Elements of word training include consonants and vowels, fluency, morphology, Greek and Latin roots, and encoding and decoding.  Text training is delivered in small groups with online practice.  Text training includes: vocabulary/morphology; grammar, syntax, and usage; reading comprehension and building content knowledge; and speaking and writing for effective expression.

The program has embedded assessments to track and measure student progress.  Benchmark assessments are delivered three times per year.  End of unit progress monitoring occurs at the end of the word training and text training units.  Additionally, ongoing progress monitoring is delivered daily in the teacher led component of the program. 

The blended model provides a variety of ways to individualize support and modify the lessons to meet the needs of a specific group of students in the classroom. The reporting system allows teachers to quickly identify individual needs to increase the rigor or intervene with support. Teacher reviews and alerts deliver the notifications necessary to investigate the instructional needs of a specific student or a small group of students struggling with similar skills and modify lessons as needed.

Research Summary

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Implementation & Field Test Results

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Available Training

Training and professional development are available before, during, and after program implementation.

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