Just Words®

Commercial Program
Phonics & Decoding
Tier II

45 mins (3-5x per week)

Target Student

Students with below-average decoding and spelling scores; students with mild- moderate gaps in decoding and spelling proficiency, but do not require intensive intervention.


Just Words® is an explicit, multi sensory decoding and spelling program.


Wilson Just Words® is an explicit, multisensory decoding and spelling program.  It comes with both a teacher and student kit, with durable and consumable materials.  Just Words® comes with an instructor manual, that provides daily support with day-by-day learning plans. It includes controlled text resources for each of the 14 Units and 2 bonus Units. Membership to the online Intervention Learning Community (ILC) is also included with the manual at no charge.  It also comes with sound and word cards (including high frequency word cards), suffix and syllable frames, a student challenge phrase kit (which includes laminated tally sheets for each Unit for teachers to easily track miscues while a student is reading phrases and stories for charting and monitoring progress), a digital timer, reference charts, and magnetic strips.


Just Words® can be implemented in a variety of settings as long as students fit the “target student” critera.  According to Wilson, these settings can be:

  • General education, Tier 2 intervention classes of up to 15 students
  • General education, small-group intervention
  • After-school programs/reading centers
  • Alternative education and vocational schools
  • Adult education programs
  • Correctional education programs
  • Community college or LD college pre-credit courses
  • ELL Classrooms
Research Summary

CAUTION: The following summary was prepared by the program developers and may contain bias


Studies of Program Effectiveness

Related Resources

Just Words Intervention Learning Community: Provides resources, print materials, discussion boards, video demonstrations, FAQs, and classroom “InterActivities”

Available Training

Introductory Workshop; Screening and Placement Workshop; Online learning Community; Sustainability plans; Facilitator & Presenter Certification

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