Commercial Program
Comprehension, Oral Reading Fluency, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics & Decoding, Vocabulary


Target Student

Non-readers and struggling readers


iSPIRE is an intensive reading program for non-readers and struggling readers. The program uses new technology to blend digital and teacher led instruction. The program uses continual practice and review to aid students in mastering concepts.


iSPIRE is systematic and sequentially structured using ten-step lessons.  These lessons are consistently structured, and focus on mastery of concepts in the five critical areas of reading.  iSPIRE also uses a variety of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic teaching techniques to promote engagement in the program. 


The iSPIRE program contains a teacher’s view, allowing teachers to view the activity with directions, whereas the student view contains just the activity.  All of the instructional support and student materials are included in the digital platform - no other materials are needed.


Lessons can be delivered at an individualized pace for each student.  Students can complete activities in the application and submit their work to the teacher for review.  Teachers can toggle among individual students to determine which ones need additional support.  The program is designed to be interactive.


Student responses are immediately recorded and tracked, allowing teachers to assess each student’s mastery of concepts.  Class summary data is automatically calculated and recorded.


CAUTION: The following research was conducted by the program developers and may contain bias

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