Great Leaps K-2

Commercial Program
Phonemic Awareness, Phonics & Decoding
Tier III


Target Student

Emergent and struggling readers


This program is designed for emergent readers in kindergarten and grade one and can also be used for struggling readers in grade one or two.  The program materials have four parts: sound awareness (phonological/phonemic awareness), letter recognition and phonics, high frequency sight words and phrases, and stories for oral reading.  This program is designed to be used one-on-one with students.


Great Leaps K-2 is designed for students to move systematically and progressively through the program to achieve goals.  The lessons in this program are designed to build sound awareness - helping children understand that speech and reading are composed of small units of sound. Letter recognition and phonics activities in the program are designed to teach letter-sound correspondence.  The stories included in this program were designed to be motivational based upon their brevity, content and rhythm.  Comprehensive instructions for effectively using the K-2 program are included in the introduction and Reading Progress Charts are included in the Appendix.


Begeny, J. C., Laugle, K. M., Krouse, H. E., Lynn, A. E., Tayrose, M. P., & Stage, S. A. (2010). A control-group comparison of two reading fluency programs: The helping early literacy with practice strategies (HELPS) program and the Great Leaps K-2 reading program. School Psychology Review, 39(1), 137-155.

Research Summary

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