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Looking for an intervention for your students?  The Intervention Tools Chart is designed to be used by educators as a resource to locate interventions, instructional practices, and learning strategies that can be used within an RtI process.  Please note:  the listing of specific tools is not meant as an endorsement by the NYS RtI MS DP or the NYSED.  Rather, it is up to the consumer to research selected tools for evidence of effectiveness.  The chart contains three types of tools that are either free or available for purchase:  commercial programs, instructional practices, and learning strategies.

Tier I

Cover, Copy, and Compare (CCC) is a self-managed intervention that can be used to enhance accuracy in spelling, vocabulary, word identification, or other academic subject areas. In CCC, students look at an academic stimulus (e.g., spelling word). They then cover it, copy it, and evaluate their response by comparing it to the original word. If there is an error, the students engage in error correction procedures before moving onto the next item.

Root Wheels

Learning Strategy
Tier I,II

Root wheels are a visual representation that increases students understanding and knowledge of roots, prefixes, and suffixes. While 90% of the words that students encounter across various content areas are based on Greek and Latin prefixes, roots and suffixes, root wheels provide students a visual to enhance their understandings of vocabulary through deeper exploration. This strategy can also facilitate drawing and second language exploration.

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