Webinar: Strand 19: RtI Implementation at the Administrative Level - 'Yes, It's Still a 'Thing'!'

Posted 4 years ago

Kick off 2017 with our new webinar strand series: RtI Implementation at the Administrative Level - 'Yes, It's Still a 'Thing'!'  This series is geared towards administrators who are directly responsible for increasing academic achievement (in particular building principals).

In October 2010, NYSED set a regulatory policy framework for the implementation of RtI for grades K – 4 in the area of reading. Response to Intervention (RtI) is a framework that combines data-driven problem solving with a focus on research-based practice, implemented with fidelity, to maximize the achievement of ALL students.

Leadership plays a very critical part in the RtI process. The administrator is the leader, coach, data consumer, and the person that works to align all that goes on at the school site to support RtI.

This webinar series will focus on assisting administrators in implementing the RtI framework that meets the needs of all students within their schools.

Participants will learn the following:
• the important role administrators play, especially in developing a schedule conducive to RtI implementation;
• reviewing data teams, with a focus on research-based best practices for the school and in the classrooms;
• practical suggestions with research-based practices in improving student achievement;
• developing an RtI framework that is realistic and age-appropriate for students at their building level.

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